Normal Lodge #722

On the evening of July 12th, 1923, Brothers A. G. Hudson of Whitehaven Lodge #599, Clyde H. Wilson of DeSoto Lodge #299, and Albert Moore of Park Ave. Lodge #362 entered into a discussion as to the availability of organizing a Masonic Lodge at Normal, TN.  It was then agreed to write the Grand Secretary, Stith M. Cain, for petition blanks with which to secure the signatures of other Master Masons who might be interested in a ne Lodge for this community.  This endeavor resulted in a Club being formed for the purpose of promoting Masonic proficiency and establishing a Masonic Lodge in this community.

The meetings of the Club were held regularly on the fourth floor of the administration building of the West Tennessee Normal School (now The University of Memphis).  The success of this Club enabled them to secure fifty-nine Charter members.

Permission was granted by the Grand Lodge in 1924 to work under Dispensation.  The Club was tehn converted into a Masonic Lodge U.D. and its first officers were installed on February 4, 1924.  The meetings were then held in a more secret place, in a room over the boiler plant of the school.  On December 8, 1924, the first set of by-laws were adopted.  After working under Dispensation for a year, and proving themselves worthy, the Charter was issued by the Grand Lodge in January 1925.  On February 9, 1925, Grand Master C. W. Polk, presiding, called on PGM Walker M. Taylor to constitute  Normal Lodge #722 F. & A. M.

Meetings continued in the soot and humidity of their benefactors, the Normal School.  These adverse conditions and the rapid growth of Normal Lodge prompted the brethren to seek a home of its own.  In February, 1926, a committee was appointed for this purpose and in April it was voted to build.

Space will not permit the enumerating of the details encountered in securing funds and a building site, however, we are indeed grateful to the founders of this Lodge for their long and patient perseverance and dedicate these remarks to their deeds.  The new building was completed and on September 25, 1926, Grand Master A. E. McCulloch granted dispensation to move the Charter to the new building.  The ceremonies of dedication were held in full form on October 11, 1926 with many distinguished visitors present and taking part in the dedication.

            Deed-Normal Lodge #722                   Deed-Normal Lodge #722

                                  Site Survey-Normal Lodge Property

From this handful of inspired Master Masons, Normal Lodge grew to a maximum membership of 1100.  Thus the building built in 1925, with the greatest care and foresight, became inadequate and eventually a new building was built on Walker Avenue.

Normal Lodge #722 merged with Bethel Grove Lodge #745 in 2002 to form Normal-BG Lodge #722.

                               Informational Letter on Merger with Bethel Grove Lodge 

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