Memphis Scottish Rite Foundation

The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program located in the Memphis medical complex, was established in 1975 by the Memphis Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc. The Scottish Rite Clinic is affiliated with the University of Tennessee, Memphis Boling Center.

The mission of the Clinic is to:

▪    diagnose preschool children with language disorders/delays and aid in the identification of such
      children through screenings

▪    provide speech and language therapy at a minimal cost to families

▪    provide parent and community education regarding childhood communication disorders

▪    train professionals in the area of pediatric communication disorders

Hundreds of children in the Memphis area have benefited from the identification and treatment of childhood communication disorders. With early intervention these children are much better prepared socially and academically for kindergarten.

Training Professionals

The Clinic also helps the community through its involvement in training professionals in the area of pediatric communication disorders. Each year the Clinic offers a speech/language pathology internship to a master's level speech/language pathologist. The internship provides the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary teaching setting and to gain expertise in the professional management of pediatric speech and language disorders. The intern also gains experience in parent education and counseling. To download an application for a traineeship or fellowship, go to the Boling Center's Interdisciplinary Training Manual.

Communication Disorders

Childhood communication disorders are often first identified by a parent, family member or friend, pediatrician, or preschool teacher. The most notable signs of communication disorder include:

▪    speech and/or language that is distinctly different from children of the same age, gender, or ethnic

▪    reluctance or inability to talk

    unsuccessful attempts to understand or to be understood by adults

The Memphis Scottish Rite has established the Scottish Rite Foundation which raises funds to support the language disorder center located on the UT Health Science Center in Memphis. This is a program contained within the Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities. For more information, contact the Boling Center at:

Or to make a donation, mail to the Memphis Scottish Rite, 825 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38103. Checks must be made out to the Scottish Rite Foundation.

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