How To Join

Because Masons have not traditionally recruited members, and do not hold public meetings, there has long been confusion about how to join the Fraternity. Does someone ask you? Do you ask?

If you meet the requirements above, it is really quite simple:

Most men can become a Mason by simply asking -- -- like Washington, Franklin, and most every Mason from the past to the present day. Each Lodge manages the membership process for its candidates. In general, men seek out a Lodge near their home or work, or they ask a Mason to recommend a Lodge to them. Once you've found a Lodge you would like to join, let them know of your interest and they will provide you with a petition.

The members of a lodge must unanimously elect you.  Every man accepted into the Fraternity goes through the degrees, thereby making each an equal to the others in the Lodge. Typically they are conferred over the course of three months. There is a fee for each degree payable in full before your first degree.  There are also annual dues.  Once you are a Master Mason, however, you are free to join the many appendant organizations.  You should know though, that the 3rd Degree, or Master Mason degree, is the highest degree in Freemasonry -- any others are supplemental, and though they may add to your Masonic experience, the degrees are no higher, regardless of their number.

If you are interested in petitioning our lodge, please contact us using the form below: 

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